Martin Garrix Presents: ANIMA

Creative Direction & Production Design

An immersive experience that transports audiences from within the confines of a venue to another, carefully orchestrated, dimension.


ANIMA is a story of an AI transcending the digital realm and awakening in the natural world. The show is divided into four acts (Consciousness, Void, Transcendence, World), and woven together to guide audiences through the sonic journey of a Martin Garrix show.


The production design, inspired by computerized elements, such as repeating shapes, hard edges, and distinct lines, is structured to fit within the clean and industrial Garrix blueprint. Over the six week rehearsal period, Phtnm directed a team of 18 programmers and animators, to seamlessly create a 2.5 hour spectacle that engulfed the senses.


ANIMA debuted in October of 2018 and will be touring through the beginning of 2020 at over 100 venues.

Credits //:

Show Direction: Gabriel Fraboni

Production Design: Gabriel Fraboni & Bart Straver

Automation Design: Gabriel Fraboni + Fabian Fisniku

Laser Design & Programming: Gabriel Fraboni, Greg Ellis & Kevin De Been

Notch Programming & Design: Marco Martignone

Content Direction: Lorenzo De Pascalis & Gabriel Fraboni

Video Director: Lorenzo De Pascalis

Lighting/SFX Programming: Gabriel Fraboni & Fabian Fisniku

Lighting/Laser Operation: Gabriel Fraboni

Pyrotechnic Design: Gabriel Fraboni

Pyrotechnic & SFX Operator: Emerson Wellens

Production Manager: Bert Kelchtermans

FOH Engineer: Stephan Themps

Road Manager: Alec Mills