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A spectacle like none other

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Doha Exhibition & Convention Center

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DEC 2021





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Qatar Live is a weeks-long series of concerts, special events, and performances celebrating the biggest names in Middle Eastern entertainment.

In 2021, Live Nation Middle East turned to FAB & PHNTM to elevate their most anticipated event of the year: an opportunity not to be taken lightly. PHNTM began by completely reimagining the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, transforming the on-site experience and raising the production quality to heights never seen before in Qatar.

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The 5.5 million-square-meter venue provided ample room to create a truly unique footprint. PHNTM reworked this space, in the heart of Doha’s West Bay.

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The reworked space included a custom entry point and lobby for guests to enjoy refreshments, local cuisine and branded photo activations as well as a massive performance hall to accommodate a bespoke stage, full sized orchestra pit, and an audience of 17,500 people.


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Per the client’s request, PHNTM was tasked with designing and developing an eye-catching centerpiece capable of presenting video content.

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Creative development of the centerpiece began by exploring form in 3D space, ensuring all points of the structure would lead viewers’ eyes to the center of the room. With the initial form in place, PHNTM’s technical team began developing ways to turn that conceptual form work into an executable production element. Ultimately, the structure evolved into a projection-mapped flower-shaped sculpture that extended over and behind the crowd, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

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The Flower, an ambitious main-stage structure, served as the centerpiece of the performance hall. Spanning 300 feet in diameter and 31 feet in height, the structure primarily consisted of scenic lighting and video components.

Technical Production

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Due to the venue’s porous roof design, integrating this production into the DECC saw PHNTM overcoming obstacles concerning rigging and other practical production elements.

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In order to successfully execute the production, PHNTM first needed to install a grounded support system around the sculptural element of the design.

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Full installation of the flower required 482 rigging points and over 5 days of installation work.

Show Build


The central flower’s exterior was made up of multiple projection mapped petals. The interior housed 3 concentric lighting rings, which acted as a workhorse, lighting the talent performing on stage.

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Designs highlighted angular complexity and abstraction to produce a structure both elegant and kinetic, seeming to vault its way from the floor to the ceiling and fanning out to the outermost perimeter of the room.

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Arabic inspired geometrical patterns found their way throughout the room in both printed material and video content. These elements helped to inform and fully realize a cohesive aesthetic.

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Over 1.7 kilometers of linear truss was used to support the production design along with 500 meters of circular truss used to support secondary flower structures erected throughout the space.

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Over 5 kilometers of data cables were used to network together all lighting and projection systems under 1 cohesive control method. 2 kilometers of power cables were needed to support the power requirements of all production elements.


Projection Math

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A total of 186 projectors were used to fully projection map the entire space. 100 projectors were used to map the central flower structure, while 86 projectors were used to map the exterior cylinder surrounding the audience.

The center flower, was comprised of 96 individually projection mapped petals.

PHNTM utilized disguise media servers to calculate all projection math to ensure proper projection coverage across the entire production.

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Over the course of 3 days PHNTM’s team of 4 projectionists and 6 video technicians blended and balanced all 186 projection meshes to create a balanced, comprehensive look for the event.

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In partnership with Human Person, PHNTM created a comprehensive content package for both the projection mapped center sculpture as well as the exterior cylinder. Inspiration was pulled from traditional Islamic geometric patterns.

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In total over 380 custom clips were created to support the event

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Featured performances from high-profile Arab artists included Magida El Roumi, Assala Nasri, Myriam Fares, Asma Lamnawar, and more.

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In total, 17,500 audience members were transported through 5 unique concerts taking place over 20 days.

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The production involved 112 crew members, 187 projectors, and over 500 lights.

To accompany each artists’ performance, PHNTM managed orchestras with up to and over 100 members, handling all relevant audio distribution and change over requirements to ensure a seamless journey for the audience each night.

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Taking place amidst the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup, Qatar Live 2021 entertained masses of locals and international visitors converging on the Qatari capital. The result of PHNTM’s involvement was a truly groundbreaking production for one of Qatar’s most exciting weeks of the year, and a testament to PHNTM’s ability to provide complete turnkey solutions at any scale, on any continent.


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