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The Mark Hotel

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SEPT 2021


New York, NY


Technical Production



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PHNTM worked with Matte Projects to help Cartier film a cast of modern American icons in an immersive setting — celebrating the maison’s impact on style and pop culture during the 2021 Met Gala.

PHNTM was asked to develop a virtual production photobooth inside The Mark Hotel, no small task due to old New York architecture and infrastructure constraints.

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The initial build out began in a fully furnished hotel room. PHNTM worked to develop a leave no trace approach to the operation, transforming the space for the event and resetting the room to its original state at the event’s conclusion.

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The iconic Mark Hotel proved to be the perfect venue. The hotel’s levels of class and elegance paired perfectly with Cartier’s brand identity.


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Matte provided PHNTM with initial design and concept sketches to begin the creative conversation

Hours of archival footage were processed through machine learning software and blended together, creating immersive archival worlds and performance spaces for the talent.

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In addition to those immersive archival worlds, PHNTM developed abstract performance space content based around materials and textures commonly used in Cartier products & jewelry.

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PHNTM designed and constructed an XR photobooth in a rented hotel room, the perfect application for technology that can make any set appear limitless and dreamlike.

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This new film production technology used virtual set extensions, extending the space beyond the limits of a conventional LED wall.


Technical Drawing

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By tracking a virtual camera to a physical camera’s data, PHNTM created a seamless setting that displayed images of diamonds, celestial shapes, and cityscapes.

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This technique provided the camera crew with visibility to better explore the bespoke virtual world created just for Cartier.

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PHNTM built out full technical riders for implementation within the suite, creating a seamless load-in plan that was executed over the course of 2 days

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Some of this content was not only archival, but focused on showcasing relevant iconic products from the Cartier catalog. Iconic pieces of jewelry featured heavily throughout the event.

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In addition to iconic archival footage and iconic jewelry from Cartier’s catalog, PHNTM integrated iconic locations into the event’s design.

Overall, we delivered 5 different, fully immersive worlds for the talent to be enveloped in.

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The Shoot

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The event’s iconic status required performers of equal clout. Billie Eilish was the top headliner at the world-class event.

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Notorious for performing in vintage clothing, Leon Bridges has been described by Fort Worth Weekly as someone whose “music sounds like how he looks.” Bridges’ stylings helped reinforce the archival elements of the production.

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Troye Sivan and Maisie Williams, icons in their own right, both elevated the event to new heights with contemporary class and flair.

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Fineas’ musical ingenuity paired perfectly with the event’s groundbreaking production elements. Dan Levy’s comic stylings and unique design sensibility helped showcase the best of what Cartier has to offer.

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PHNTM seamlessly delivered the entire virtual production booth along with a camera package to support the directorial unit.

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Final delivery included a full lighting and gaffer package, allowing the creative team to light the talent in a way that immersed them further into the virtual worlds surrounding them.

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Interplaying between abstract and narrative footage, PHNTM delivered a large variety of immersive content.

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PHNTM delivered all virtual production media servers and camera tracking integration, handling all system design and implementation.

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The entire project, from concept to execution, was handled over the course of 6 weeks.

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“Cartier brought the Met Gala magic this year with a suite of all-stars adorned with almost 7,000 diamonds.”

-Cartier Twitter


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