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    In this phase, we work to crystalize loose ideas and inspiration into compelling show narratives and specific concepts with definite looks, feels, and tones. We brainstorm and iterate quickly, using reference imagery and tools like illustration and photoreal 3D modeling to chip away at a big idea to reveal its most impactful form.In this phase, we generate multimedia designs to support the approved creative concept. This includes stage, scenic, lighting, sfx, pyro, content, and custom scenic designs in addition to print, av, and marketing collateral. By unifying all design functions under one roof, we ensure a consistent look and feel and coherent consumer experience.In this phase, we translate the production designs to actionable technical paperwork. We then work hand-in-hand with your team to oversee production management in anticipation of the event; this often includes vendor procurement, negotiation, and management, as well as technical and artist advance.In this phase, our expert staff oversee on-site production and execution of the event from load in to load out. Proactive communication between departments ensures that the approved creative is fully realized on show day.Once the dust settles, we lead a conversation to identify successes, challenges, and key learnings which inform our next collaboration.

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